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to the official web site for Canyon House Rest Homes, Inc. the home of Canyon House and Crescent Villa. We are family owned and managed offering care home accommodations in the San Francisco peninsula area for seniors in need of living assistance. We have the ability to care for seniors with special needs such as dementia, Alzheimer's, immobility, incontinence and other special memory care needs.

Our Mission

is to provide a quality alternative to institutionalized living.

Please click and read the San Francisco Examiner article "Fast track to nursing homes" by Vicki Haddock

Fast track to nursing homes Despite cheaper and better options, state's elderly steered into high-level care Vicki Haddock, OF THE EXAMINER STAFF

to get an excellent idea of what we mean by this statement. Also please read a sample of the many thank you notes we get from our resident's families to get an idea of the kind of excellent care we strive to provide.

This is an example of the thank you cards we have received and an example of the activities we encourage our residents to participate in.

Company Profile

Canyon House was founded in 1987 with 6 beds in one facility. Canyon House has since grown to more than 90 beds in two locations in the peninsular region of the San Francisco bay area.

Both facilities are high quality residences excellently located near shopping, churches, doctors, hospitals, clinics, train and bus stops. A homelike atmosphere is each facility's signature quality. Emphasis is placed on a family life-style, with the facility being the resident's home. And although an independent life-style is stressed, someone is always there to assist the residents with any needs.

Canyon House Rest Homes, Inc. acquired Crescent Villa in 1998 and Canyon House at 16 Coleman Place, Menlo Park in 2002. Canyon House and Crescent Villa specialize in the care of people with dementia, such as Alzheimer's. Staff undergo monthly training from the Alzheimer's Association. An appropriate care environment is maintained here with emphasis placed on the careful monitoring of residents for changes in status such as, eating habits, administering of medications, comfort, sleeping habits, wandering and general well-being. We assist our residents with ALL the activities of daily living such as: personal hygiene, dressing, grooming, eating, transferring and taking medications. We also assist with waking, reminding and escorting to: meals, activities and the bathroom. Residents are encouraged to participate in a variety of carefully managed and structured activities. Residents relationships with their physicians are thoroughly managed and documented.

Our facilities are safe and secure wherein we minimize the risk of wandering and falling.

Residents families, friends and loved-ones are also encouraged to play an as active a role in the residents lives as possible. We communicate with our residents families on a routine basis.

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